Which Way Is Up

If you haven’t fallen in love with the process… then do you actually love the work? 
It is a question I keep asking myself over and over again here recently. 
I love the process of getting ready for work each day/week even while doing the tasks I don’t like so much. I must be on the right track in my career. 
I love being a dad. We have two kids; one who is 18 months and will jump off of anything! I love her spark, and chuckle even when she scares me! I have another daughter who is three. We get to drive three hours round trip to Hershey each week for her Leukemia treatments. I love to watch her fight and win, and I would give up any amount of sleep to be by her side. My wife is prego with baby number three. I get excited about every appointment and watching my wife lovingly care for both of them. 
Speaking of my wife! Not a day goes by that I don’t love her more! Very simple… she is awesome! Double Check! 

Love the process. Whether you are writing your first book or book fifty: my wife asked me today if I still loved it… The answer is YES! Be proud of what you write! Love the words. No matter if you wrote your first sentence today, or are editing with your publisher to get ready to publish: enjoy every minute! Your artwork is like a kid, you put in a lot of work, and you want to see it do well. I’m on my first book, and I love each victory that has come along with the journey. 
Let me know where you are in the writing journey: WIP? Self Pub? Indi? Querying? 

My Writing Process

This is my very first post, so it only seemed fitting that I begin where I normally do…

The mighty King called his 3 sons to dinner. One of them was to soon become king and the loving father did cherish spending time with his sons in his final days. The King filled the first son’s cup to the brim with the finest drink and congratulated him on a nobel victory in battle.  To the second son he also filled up his cup to the brim and gave praise to his scholarly accomplishments.  Finally, he walked up to his third son and added only a splash of the drink to his cup as all of the family chuckled at the King’s joke… What is the 3rd son’s name? 

One of my favorite things to do in this world is to solve riddles and puzzles.  When I began to write I wanted readers to fall in love with them as much as I.  I found that inserting a riddle or puzzle in the story, followed by content, followed then by the answer was a great way to entice interest in not only the storyline, but also into the maddening (but fun) world of riddles.

The avid reader, I hope, would stop and try to solve the conundrum along with the protagonist as if they were also knee deep in the adventure themselves.  I was always drawn into a book when I had the option to participate: choose your own endings, Encyclopedia Brown, even Nancy Drew to an extent.  Fear not though; for those who get a little bit miffed by puzzles or simply are there for the rabbit hole journey, I usually give the answer only a few paragraphs later.

Are you ready for the world of riddles and puzzles? Can you handle accomplishing small victory’s along with the adventures inside the pages; all while driving towards the twists and turns that ultimately solve the largest puzzle of them all?  Then get ready to start your adventure with Bixby Timmons and her rag tag team of misfits as they look for answers around every corner.

Prince Phillip the Third… in case you were still struggling.





photo credit: dbtelford 052/365 birthday week via photopin (license)